We are proud to give annually to local non-profits who are making Alaska a better, safer and healthier place to live. Here are the organizations we continue to partner with!

1. Priceless

Sex trafficking is the fastest growing crime in Alaska. Alaska also leads the NATION in domestic violence, sexual abuse and rape.

Priceless bridges the gap between being trafficked and living a healthy, vibrant, self-sustaining life. Referrals and Survivors are in need of every kind of resource: housing, counseling, job training, education, medical and legal services, food…the list goes on. Priceless connects women to mentors who help navigate through these resources and perhaps more importantly, build healthy, trusting friendships.

2. Beacon Hill

Serving Alaska's children in foster care by strengthening families so that they are healthy and stay together. Beacon Hill also provides safe temporary homes for children when needed, and if reconciliation is not possible, finds loving adoptive homes for children needing families. A home is more than just four walls.